Vinyl Products

Vinyl is the most versatile, durable, easy to care for, quietest, and most comfortable of any hard surface floor available. It is available in an amazing selection of colors and styles, no other flooring product can offer you so many options.

Our selection includes:

Benefits of Vinyl Floors

Vinyl Floors are an affordable option that offers style, durability, and long-lasting performance. When installed correctly over proper subflooring, it is extremely resistant to dents, scratches, and stains. Vinyl is easy to install yourself, and is also simple to clean and maintain. One of the main attractions of vinyl is that it is very durable which makes it great for high-traffic rooms. Another quality of vinyl flooring is that it can be made to resemble the look of other flooring types, like hardwood, stone and ceramic. You can create any style you want with vinyl. Choose black and white checkerboard for a retro feel or choose a natural look for an up-scale, classic approach.

Armstrong offers three types of vinyl floors: Alterna, Vinyl sheet, and VCT. One of the more popular vinyl flooring collections offered by Armstrong is Luxe Plank. Luxe plank is made to be easy to install yourself while delivering realistic hardwood looks and superior water resistance. Our Alterna vinyl tile is another viable option that even lets you choose of you want to grout it or not, giving you ultimate flexibility and realism. With hundreds of vinyl flooring products, Armstrong is sure to have an option that suits your style.